What Makes This Course Different From Others?

We live in a world where Chinese metaphysics has become rather commercialized. There is nothing intrinsically wrong in commercializing a skill or set of knowledge you are good at and a service that can benefit people - that's just the way the world is and every field is similar.

There is surely a demand for learning Chinese metaphysics, but I wish to remind everyone that have access to courses and online material doesn't mean you are well on your way to becoming a practitioner, which is why I keep emphasizing on ethics and responsibility.

Most, if not all, of the courses outside are a very watered down version of what Chinese metaphysics, BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu is about. There is little emphasis on the history and foundations, and the result of this is people not even plotting their charts right because Solar Time was not adjusted for.

A lot of famed practitioners say that adjusting for Solar Time is not required - but this is absolutely wrong. The only reason why they would keep advocating that is because they are so deep in the hole they dug for themselves that it is too late for them to come out and say "Sorry, I was wrong." Being famous does not equate to truly knowing what you're doing - we need to keep fame and competence as separate things.

My Vision For This Course & Online School

I'll be the first to admit that setting up this online school is to fulfil the demand in the market and an extra source of revenue for me. I always have been very open with my thoughts and my intentions and I'm sure you can tell from my blog.

Through this school, I do hope to free some of my time to do other meaningful things like blogging, writing articles and the general education of this field.

A Different Style Of Teaching

I do not agree with a lot of the ways metaphysics is being taught. There is a lot of fluff and fuzzy theory in this field, and some examples:

  • Choosing your career using the 5 Elements. I personally don't find this very constructive.
  • Assessing compatibility just based on one's Daymaster.
  • Labeling each Daymaster with a set of characteristics and personality traits and expecting something constructive out of it.

There is a lot, a lot more to metaphysics than what you can find out there, but to appreciate that requires you to appreciate the history and philosophy behind this field as well.

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