A Message To New Students + THIS Is What You're Ultimately Paying For

Welcome Message

Welcome to your BaZi Beginner Workshop!

First of all, I'd like to apologise that you might find the design and look of this course very 'primitive'. It's mostly words with an occasional few screenshots. Regardless, I hope you find the content here useful in your learning journey. The guided content and structured curriculum should be a lot more helpful than staring at a video for a long period of time.

I hope whatever I develop here can lay a strong foundation for a BaZi enthusiast like yourself.

With your support, rest assured that I will be making constant improvements to this course and I will be updating it whenever I can as I shift my focus from doing consultations to teaching. I will endeavour to upload guided videos, and hopefully have some nice graphics to go with it as well.

The content in this online course are, of course, not exhaustive and incomplete. I would encourage you to further your reading from other sources when you have the time to supplement your studies.

This Is What You're Ultimately Paying For

There is no perfect BaZi course out there that can teach you everything in one sitting. Picking up any skill or technique in Chinese metaphysics is a long journey that requires you to not just read up on the technique itself, but also develop a genuine appreciation for Chinese history and philosophy.

I decided to host most of my classes online as I belong to the tech-savvy younger generation. The benefit of this, and what you're ultimately paying for, is my time, because you'll be able to interact with me via my Discord channel and I will guide you through your learning journey.

You're not just paying to read some words on a webpage, and I will not put everything up on the internet because of scrapers - people who copy the material and sell it at a cheaper price elsewhere. Sure, you can get the written material for a better deal, but you will not get my guidance.

What I Hope To Achieve

My intent for the online courses was never about churning out more people who could read BaZi.

I hope that through my courses and the added depth I bring to it allows you to appreciate Chinese thought and culture a lot more. Of course, it's not possible for me to condense 5,000 years worth of Chinese history into a few online courses, but I do hope that through these online BaZi courses, you get to appreciate the philosophy behind metaphysics.

Do not see BaZi as a "how to get lucky" kind of tool. There will be times where you feel dismayed after finding out your chart is not as good as you thought, but it's important to take a deep look at why and what makes you different from the people with the good charts.

Studying BaZi is going to force you to take a deep look at yourself and make you question a lot of things about yourself. It sounds daunting yes, but don't see that as a bad thing. Self-awareness and acceptance is the first step to meaningful change.

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