Everything You Need To Know About Stems & Branches

Day 2 will focus on the building blocks of BaZi - the Stems and Branches. An in-depth understanding of their relationship with each other, what they represent, and their interactions with each other are required to decipher a BaZi chart.

  • Stem & Branch Combinations (天干地支合化) & The Deeper Meaning Behind Them
    • 冲 (Clash)
    • 三合 (Three 'Harmony')
    • 六合 (Six 'Harmony')
    • 三刑 (Punishments)
    • 六害 (Harm)
    • 破 (Break)
  • Special Rules For Stem & Branch Interactions
    • Advance theories and why they matter
  • Determining The Strength Of Elements (五行旺衰)
    • Seasonal effects (月令) & How It Influences The BaZi Chart
    • 12 Stages Of Growth (十二长生)
    • Concept of 旺相休囚死

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