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About Me

Welcome! My name is Sean and I’m one of the leading Chinese metaphysics practitioners in Southeast Asia based in Singapore. I first got in touch with Chinese metaphysics when I was 18 and started officially practicing it in 2014. Since then, I've served more than 1,200 clients from all over the world.

I've been featured on Channel NewAsia, T Singapore - The New York Times Style Magazine, and HerWorld. I'm also the appointed Key Opinion Leader of - Singapore's largest property portal.

If you've yet to visit my main website, do spend some time and check it out. I think it might be a good idea for you to get to know me and my philosophies on this field before you sign up for this school. I'd strongly encourage you to start from my blog which you can find here: Diary Of A 'Fortune Teller'. You'll get to know me very well from there.

Some Background On This Online School

I have been doing consultations for quite some time now and have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience in this field. I've always wanted to set up an online school to monetize what I know but have not been able to do so due to the lack of bandwidth and time as I'm usually held up by ongoing consultations.

I've finally managed to find some time to kick-start this pet project. I hope my testimonials, media features, and blog posts are enough to instill some confidence in you that I know what I'm doing as a practitioner.

To be honest, giving consultations can be quite emotionally exhausting, and I wish to redirect my focus a little more towards other things, mainly to write more and continue to spread the right message about Chinese metaphysics, and perhaps even take up Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Everything here still looks rather primitive as I have no avenue of creating videos or nice graphics at the moment but that will definitely come in future updates to the course. I hope the content here, albeit all mostly in text and screenshots from the books I read, will still let you achieve what you want as a student.

The value of the course comes from it being interactive. I am probably the most tech-savvy practitioner out there and I'm always connected, so rest assured if you were to post a comment and start a discussion, I'll be there to engage you and address your questions.

I hope you will eventually realize through an interactive and structured way of teaching, albeit online, is much better than constantly staring at a video or listening in on an audio file, and scrubbing till you get to the segment you want.

Out Of All The Practitioners Out There, Why Should You Learn From Me?

I know there are tons of courses out there - some online, some in person. What I'm offering is direct guidance from me and you won't just be paying for mere digital content. I'm likely one of the few, if not, the only bilingual practitioner who has studied straight from the Chinese classics, so my approach will be holistic and in-depth. I will definitely know what your stumbling blocks are.

The most important factor, in my opinion, is that I am still and will probably remain an extremely active practitioner. With 13,000+ visits to my website monthly and growing, the volume of chart reading requests I receive is rather overwhelming. Choosing to do my consultations online has allowed me to accelerate my accumulation of experience to a point where I find myself being more knowledgeable in this field than most of the incumbent practitioners who have around for decades.

I do not waste my time giving generating meaningless content like annual zodiac forecasts and presenting hogwash and corporate evens - everyone who had read my blog probably knows that about me by now and how ridiculous I find certain practices.

Each and every single day of my life as a practitioner is spent accumulating more knowledge and experience in this field and I have clocked more than 4,000 professional readings since I started being a consultant in 2014.

When you do decide to come on board, I do hope you'll feel like you're in good hands and learning from one of the best.

What To Expect From This Online School?

I want to be very honest with everyone here. The courses available in this online school are definitely not enough to turn you into a practitioner and it is definitely not the intent of this online school. My intent for the online school is not to churn out more practitioners in this field. It is meant for hobbyists and enthusiasts.

These online courses will lay the foundation for the technique you are interested in learning and the rest will depend on your self-study.

Media Features
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sean chan channelnewsasia
Channel NewsAsia (26th June’18)
sean chan new york times style magazine
T Singapore: The New York Times Style Magazine (11th July 2018)
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Her World: Digital Edition (November 2016)

sean chan channelnewsasia
ShopBack Chinese New Year Guest Post (8th Feb’18)
Podcast Interview by Something Private / Our Grandfather Story (16th Jan'20)

Got a question for me?

If you need to get in touch to ask some questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].