Indicate Your Interest - BaZi Beginner Bootcamp

If you wish to participate in future online seminars, please sign up for this free course to let me know.

Please ONLY indicate your interest if you are serious about coming onboard and the course fees are within your budget. The indication of interest means you are ready to hop onboard the moment enrollment is open.

For efficiency and practicality purposes, I'll ask prospective students to indicate their interest in participating in an online boot camp. Register for this free course to let me know you're interested in learning.

Once the minimum class size of 10 has been reached, I'll reach out to you to sign up for the paid course and nail down a schedule that works for everyone for the online lessons to begin. Please note that classes will be on Thursday nights.

Students who sign up for the online BootCamp conducted via Zoom will be granted access to the BaZi Beginner Workshop

The structure of the course will be as follows:

Seminar Fees:

  • The fees for the online webinar will likely be set at USD$1,000, with room for lowering it if enough students sign up.
  • I have been upfront right from the start. Conducting lessons is a cash grab, fulfilling a demand in the market. I am busy enough with consultations, so the fees must make sense for me to put in the time to conduct lessons.


  • The curriculum will be similar to the online self-study course but with much more added material and interaction.

Course Structure:

  • 4 lessons. 2 hours each. There may be an additional lesson if more time is required.
  • It will be held on a Thursday night - 8pm Singapore time.
  • Lessons will be conducted in English, but expect some Chinese terms thrown in for authenticity's sake.
  • For overseas students, please note that the lesson timing is based on Singapore Time (SGT).
  • Course Fees are quoted in USD.

After The Course:

  • You will be entitled to one refresher course and are welcome to sit in for future Beginner intakes.

House Rules + T&Cs:

  • No recording of the lesson is allowed. The webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the Teachable platform where you can access anytime.
  • Be respectful. Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • The host reserves the right to remove anyone who contravenes the House Rules or Code Of Ethics from the room or the entire course.
  • There will be no make-up lessons should you miss any, although you are welcome to join the next intake of students as part of your entitlement.
  • Completing any module or webinar in this online school does not equate to my endorsement. Any misuse of my name or misrepresentation will be dealt with legally.
  • All students are to abide by the Code Of Ethics set by the school.

Code Of Ethics:

  • Please be responsible and do not be overzealous. Do not start reading charts for others just because you took courses; bear in mind the harm you can cause them.
  • None of the modules or webinars in this school are meant to turn you into a practitioner.

Your Instructor

Sean Chan
Sean Chan

Sean Chan is recognized as a thought-leader in the Chinese metaphysics field, translating ancient classics into something the modern-day audience can understand.

One of the leading practitioners in Southeast Asia, he has been featured on Channel NewsAsia, Rice Media, Our Grandfather Story, T Singapore - The New York Times Style Magazine and HerWorld.

Sean is also the appointed Key Opinion Leader of - Singapore's largest property portal.

Course Curriculum

  [BaZi Online Bootcamp] Day 1 - Thursday (8pm to 10pm). Start date TBD.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  [BaZi Online Bootcamp] Day 2 - Thursday (8pm to 10pm). Start date TBD.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  [BaZi Online Bootcamp] Day 3 - Thursday (8pm to 10pm). Start date TBD.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  [BaZi Online Bootcamp] Day 4 - Thursday (8pm to 10pm). Start date TBD.
Available in days
days after you enroll

Terms & Conditions

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1) Ownership

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2) Refund Policy

We offer an unconditional 3-day refund policy on all courses. No refunds will be granted after 3 days from the first purchase date of each course. If you have previously received a refund and purchase again at a later time, the new purchase will not qualify for the 3 day refund period. Please note that by purchasing or subscribing to any product on our website, you agree to the terms of the Refund Policy. Refunded amount will be less foreign currency and platform fees of about 3.4%.

3) Chargeback

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4) Support

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5) User Guidelines

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  • copying, redistributing or making available to the public any part of the School's content and service;
  • providing your password to any other person or using any other person’s username and password;

6) Acceptance

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