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Summer Promotion - 30% OFF Available Courses

Hi everyone! There is a 30% off available courses for the online school. Just use the coupon code "SUMMER20" on checkout!


Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数) Beginner Course Launched

Hi everyone, The Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数) Beginner Workshop has been launched! For prospective students who are interested, use the coupon code "ZWDSNEWCOMER" for $400 off the course price. Limited to the first 10 students only. As always, I will be gathering feedback from the first batch of...


BaZi Beginner Course: Thank You For The Feedback

Dear students, Thank you for all the feedback so far! Apologies for the delay in making the required changes as I've been swamped by consultation requests. I'll endeavour to make the required changes by the end of March and will update everyone again. Thank you! Regards,Sean


BaZi Beginner Workshop Promo Ending Soon

Dear students, Thank you all for signing up for the school! A few quick announcements:Students Who Have Already EnrolledFor the students who have come onboard the BaZi Beginner Course: Thank you for signing up and offering your feedback. I will be making the recommended changes to the course...


Bazi (八字) Beginner Workshop Soft Launch

The BaZi (八字) beginner workshop has launched! There is a special promotional price for the first 10 students. Use the coupon code "bazinewcomer" at checkout to get $400 off the course fees. I'll still be continuing to make constant updates to this course while I develop the curriculum for...


Welcome To My Online School

Welcome! I've just kick-started this online teaching platform, so do bear with me as I continue to update it and introduce new courses. This blog will serve primarily as an announcement page for matters related to the school. I blog regularly on my main website, so do check it out when you're...