Dear students,

Thank you all for signing up for the school! A few quick announcements:

Students Who Have Already Enrolled
For the students who have come onboard the BaZi Beginner Course: Thank you for signing up and offering your feedback. I will be making the recommended changes to the course material in the next 2 weeks! I really appreciate the patience and understanding as I continue to improve the content.

If You Have Not Yet Enrolled In The BaZi Beginner Course

The promotion for the BaZi Beginner Course will end on 10th March 2359h. If you have no made use of the promo code "BAZINEWCOMER" to get $400 off the course fees, be sure to catch the deadline!

Remember you will have lifetime access to this course and will get to benefit as the content develops. I will be adjusting the prices accordingly as the course content grows and matures, so do hop on early if you wish to pick up BaZi for yourself.

BaZi Intermediate Course & Zi Wei Dou Shu Beginner Course

I will be working on the curriculum soon and aiming to launch the above mentioned courses by 2H2019.