Topics Covered - 10 'Gods' & Auxiliary 'Stars'

We will cover the following topics on Day 3:

  • The 10 'Gods' in BaZi & Formula Behind Plotting Them (十神)
  • Introduction To The 10 'Gods' in BaZi & What They Represent
    • 正官,偏官/七杀 (Officer 'Gods')
    • 正印,偏印/枭神 (Resource 'Gods')
    • 比肩,劫财 (Peer 'Gods')
    • 食神,伤官 (Output 'Gods')
    • 正财,偏财 (Wealth 'Gods')
  • 神煞 (Auxiliary 'Stars')

There's a lot to cover in the above topics, so we'll only be focusing on these on Day 3.

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